Power Saving

The next level in power saving

ROI with TEQ-Spray from 3 months

Paint savings
up to 35%
Energy savings
up to 25%
Process speed
up to 100%
less spray booth cleaning
up to 25%

Reduced energy costs

= more profit and more environmentally friendly

Regular compressed air at the gun is around freezing point, which means that it will condensate. Therefore after paint application, a bulk of energy is required in order to evaporate the moisture and solvents.

Because the High-Speed-Gas does not hold any moisture, condensation energy is not required anymore. Moreover, the mixture of paint and solvents leaves the gun at a temperature of around 300 (C), which means less energy is required for the curing. After installing TEQ-Spray, the parameters of the paint booth can be turned down. For example, the flash-off can be reduced from 10 to 7 minutes, and the cure time can be reduced from 30 to 20 minutes.

TEQ-SPRAY Power saving for environment

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TEQ-SPRAY Reduced energy costs due to stand-by

Reduced power consumption

= less costs

The system has very little power consumption, in part due to the standard automatic stand-by settings. This ensures that no current is wasted. The paint duration and flash-off time are significantly less compared to regular compressed air, which is why the total air consumption will be reduced.

As a result, a total of 25% can be saved on power consumption!