Paint savings

The next level in Paint Savings

ROI with TEQ-Spray from 3 months

Paint savings
up to 35%
Energy savings
up to 25%
Process speed
up to 100%
less spray booth cleaning
up to 25%

Save up to 15-35% paint material

Less overspray

By using High-Speed-Gas, the outflow velocity at the paint gun is approximately 50% faster than with regular compressed air. Because of this we can – and have to – reduce the pressure at the gun, with the advantage that less overspray is generated. In general, the pressure will be reduced with approximately 25%.

Instead of a lot of overspray, much more paint material is transferred to the object. This means that number sweeps can be reduced while obtaining the same layer thickness!

The absolute minimum of paint saving we can guarantee is 15%. In practice a reduction of 20-25% occur more often, some customers have even achieved a reduction in paint material of more than 35%!

TEQ-SPRAY Benefits wet-paint application
TEQ-SPRAY Consistent spray pattern and less painting

Less spray booth cleaning

Less filter exchange and booth cleaning

TEQ-Spray generates far less overspray, so less paint will be wasted on booth walls and the filters. Less booth maintenance is required, filters will last longer and the booth will have less down time.

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Less cabin care

Fewer filter changes and less cabin cleaning

Because TEQ-Spray generates much less spray mist, less paint material ends up on the walls and in the floor filters.

The cabin requires less maintenance and the filters last longer. The cabin has less gridlock because of cleaning work.