The next level in wet-paint application

ROI with TEQ-Spray from 3 months

Paint savings
up to 35%
Energy savings
up to 25%
Process speed
up to 100%
less spray booth cleaning
up to 25%

Benefits of TEQ-Spray

  • low purchasing cost
  • ROI 3-12 months
  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty
  • exchangeable tubes
  • installation is done by highly skilled staff
  • no redundant components
  • including installation 2-day guidance and supervision

Perfect quality

Uniform paint structure

TEQ-Spray sets the new standard in quality. The results show more equal paint layers, a smoother surface, no more edge building, higher gloss and less (dust) intrusions!

TEQ-Spray is applicable with all paint brands, both waterborne and solventborne.

TEQ-SPRAY Benefits Perfect Quality
TEQ-SPRAY Benefits less overspray

Speed and efficiency

Less overspray - better opacity

Due to the higher outflow velocity of the heated High-Speed-Gas, the pressure at the paint gun can be reduced. This results in a reduction of overspray and turbulence which, in turn, optimizes the opacity. Consequently, less layers are required resulting in time and material saving.

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Paint Savings

Up to 35%!

The 25% reduction of gas pressure at the paint gun results in a significant decrease in overspray. The reduction of the overspray is directly proportional to paint saving.

TEQ-SPRAY Benefits paint savings
TEQ-SPRAY Benefits shorter drying time

Power Saving

Up to 25% power saving due to reduced flash-of time and curing time

Thanks to the heated High-Speed-Gas, there is far less additional heat required than with compressed air. As a result, the flash-of time and curing time are significantly reduced. Faster drying contributes a significant cost reduction in heating costs.