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The aim is to create an “anti-static” medium with the lowest possible energy consumption. The solution is a non-conductive gas in combination with a unique non-conductive tube. This way we can guarantee that no static charge is generated along the entire trajectory of the gas.

Clean preparation is essential in any paint process. Using TEQ-Spray in gerneral, the number of intrusions will be decreased with 50-75%. Optimal pre-paint proceedings combined with the TEQ-spray system will result in paintwork without any contamination, a feat that is impossible without the TEQ-Spray system.

Because TEQ-Spray has a wider array of advantages. The German/Dutch production results in a reliable and durable system, combined with its low price results and excellent price-quality ratio. A ROI as short as 3 months is feasible and a ROI within 12 months has been achieved by all buyers of the TEQ-Spray system! Futhermore the sytem is extremly reliable and has practically no unforeseen errors or down time. Even maintence is fairly straight forward. Lastly energy consumption of the TEQ-Spray system is very little and it possesses an automatic stand-by system, so no electrical energy is wasted.

  • low purchasing cost
  • ROI 3-12 months
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • exchangeable tubes
  • “No good, money back” guarantee
  • We do what we promsie and we promsie that we’ll do it.
  • We are interested in process optimisation, TEQ-Spray is a system that helps us to achieve this.
  • installation is done by highly skilled staff
  • no redundant components
  • no unneccesary high compressor pressure is required (6 bar is enough!)
  • installation comes with a 2-day guidance and supervision

Yes, the unique tubes are interchangeable. The heating element does not need to be replaced because of it. This way you will always have clean tubes at low cost.

With normal operation and use you may expect the system will last for at least 10 years.

No, this system can be fairly easy connected parallel to the TEQ-Spray system. Same like a cut-off valve can be installed as well. At an appointment, these possibilities are always discussed on site.

The impact of TEQ-Spray is completly identical compared to so called “nitrogen-coating systems”. Air inherently contains 78% Nitrogen. There are systems which fabricate the appearance of coating with nitrogen only. In reality this would mean that these systems would use minimal 8 liters of compressed air to generate 1 liter of nitrogen. The advantages of these systems are therefore made irrelevant and non-existent.

TEQ-Spray uses the HSG-Modulator. The gas generated by this modulator has the same charateristics as the gas produced by nitrogen coating systems.

It is important to know your aim, namely “painting faster and better with less material and less energy”. In this perspective, TEQ-Spray has another benefit: The total use of air per paint cycle lies lower than with conventional methods.

Yes and no. In some cases, the amortization-time is so short (from 3 months) and savings are so high, that it falls out of the existing arrangements. However, there are many cases that are eligible for the EIA. Our consultants are happy to calculate this for you.

There are indeed no true disadvantages, however there are two issues that need to be considered. The time to break even is very short, but it does require, logically, an investment up front. Secondly the spray painter is used to a certain technique and way of spray painting. Switching over to TEQ-Spray means that he will have to adapt to a new way of painting. The transition is comparable with switching from a RP-gun to a HVLP-gun. However, once the painter is accustomed to the TEQ-Spray technique, he will paint faster and better, all while using less energy and material. In order to guarantee a smooth transition between systems a two-day traning on the job is included with purchase of the TEQ-Spray system.

Your paint supplier will lose revenue when you switch to the TEQ-Spray system. Saving 30% on paint material by using the system would mean that your supplier loses 30% of their turnover. Its therefore in your suppliers self-interest that you do not switch to TEQ-Spray. To give you maximum assurance that the system functions as promised, a satisfaction guarantee is included. If, somehow, you do not achieve the expected results with TEQ-Spray we will uninstall the system and return your purchasing costs. Your risk of investment is therefore reduced to zero!

A supplier with integrity however, will always want the best for his customers, to assure a healthy, trusting and long lasting business relationship!

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