Perfect quality

The next level in Quality

ROI with TEQ-Spray from 3 months

Paint savings
up to 35%
Energy savings
up to 25%
Process speed
up to 100%
less spray booth cleaning
up to 25%

Perfect quality

Higher gloss, smoother surface and less (dust)intrusions

Due to the anti-static characteristics of the Ultra Clean High-Speed-Gas, less (dust)intrusions will appear in the coating. Due to the addition of heat, when drying less surface tension is generated in the top coating, resulting in a better gloss.

Adding heat also contributes to eliminate orange peel structure, especially for the less experienced painter!

TEQ-SPRAY Higher gloss

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TEQ-SPRAY Benefits wet-paint application

Also long term

An excellent quality lasting long beyond delivery ...

… because fast thinners and short hardeners are no longer needed, the gloss and structure will remain for many years. In addition, less polishing is required, which prevents dull spots and holograms.